Best Gift I gave my Mom

The best gift that I gave this past Christmas was homemade cupcakes. I gave the homemade cupcakes to my mom. After my mom tasted it,  she had a big smile and said it was the best cupcake she had ever gotten. By giving the cupcakes, it made me feel very happy. It made me happy because the feeling you get after you give someone something is just so amazing and makes you feel very warm inside. The best gift I’ve ever given was cupcakes for my mom.


Melody Quiz Team Problems



         When Melody got to the airport ….

The family found out the team had left them behind. They asked the flight attendant if she saw them leave.

             Dad got mad as a tiger, and

             “BAM!!!” Dad punched the wall.

           “Ouch”!!! Dad yelled like a monkey.

 Mrs. V felt really sorry that the team had left her.

       Melody was bawling like a pig the next day.

The next morning Melody wanted to show up at school

When the team left her it was very hard for Melody.


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My Trip to Biloxi Beach Mississippi

We left at 5:00 am and started to travel for 6 hours and we finally got there. So we got checked in to a hotel called South Beach hotel. So we got a cart and rolled our things to our room. We got unpacked and went to Wal-mart and got snacks and meal food for the week. Then when we  got done we went back at the hotel and changed to go swimming in the ocean. After that we went to a few stores and looked. The next day we got up and ate. Then we went to the surf shop and bought boogie boards.Then we went back to the hotel and got ready to swim in the ocean with our boogie boards.After we were done we went to the hotel swimming pool for a couple minutes, then we went back to the ocean to swim again. Next we went to a sea food place on the shore and ate there. I ate fried shrimp with some fresh pineapple. The next morning we got up went to the stores and bought some stuff. Each kid got 20 but I got 30 bucks for working. I bought an air brush hat with my name on it and a sea shell. Then we packed up the car and started going home.

5th Grade Reflections

5th grade wasn’t a bad grade. It was actually really fun! In Mac’s class we are doing a timeline thing in the 1900s. We went through some hard and good times. Mrs. Lobue is doing so many activities. Mr. O is doing chess. Mrs Brantly is doing activities. Mrs. Mcfall is doings history. That is the end of the year in 5th grade.