The Wonders of Mexico

In class we learned about some of the things about the country of Mexico like the populations, labeling a map, and researching 10 places to visit or go. Two of the locations had to be in Nayarit. Nayarit is the place our main in character, in our book, is going to live for a little while. For the map portion, we had to research the populations of states in Mexico including Nayarit and Guadalajara. I learned that the capital of Mexico has 22 million, which is more than I thought. I learned from doing the research on the places to visit that there are so many beautiful places. A lot of people think Mexico is in poverty, but a lot of it is really beautiful and amazing. The 2 places I really, that I put on the slides, are Dzibilchaltun in Cenote and Beauru Riveria in Nayarit. I love Dzibilchaltun because of the crystal turquoise water and I am amazed about the depth of the deep end of the pool. It is 144 feet deep, which is really deep. I love Beauru Riveria because of the mini beach in the vertical cave. Its clear blue waters are filled with fresh underground water.

Seńor Wooly Week and Billy la Bufanda

This year in Spanish, we did Wooly Week, which is something that this teacher does on his website called Seńor Wooly. He created this great website for kids and Spanish learners to help them learn Spanish. We watched the songs that were new. For example, La canción Original. For La canción Original we did the nuggets, which were the little activities to go with the song. We also did a couple of activities in class like with the pictures on the whiteboard going along with La Cancón Original. We also played some games, did some worksheets, which helped us pick up more vocabulary. We also took Billy La Bufanda with us over spring break and we had to take pictures of him everywhere we went. After we got back to school we made the presentation below.

My favorite part about Wooly Week was the game we played to go along with the book we were reading. Sra. Hugghins would read a sentence from the book Brandon Quiere Un Perro. We would pick up the piece of paper with the name of the person we thought said the line and we picked the name my group thought was correct and we would run it over to the whiteboard across from the room. If you got it right and got there the fastest you won the point. If you got there first and you got it wrong, the next person to get it right and there next would get the point.

The Song Billy La Bufanda is the most popular song on Seńor Wooly. It is about a blue and green scarf that is in love with these pink boots. The whole song narrating what he does throughout his day. At the end of the song he is hanging out with Las Botas, the boots, and he says he loves them. I love this song because it is really catchy and I love the voice the singer does while singing the song. Billy La Bufanda is, in my opinion, my favorite song and character on the website. It is hard to put in words why Billy La Bufanda is so great, you would just have to watch it for yourself. My little brother also loved the little laminated flat billy we got and he loved to take pictures with it.

Best Gift I gave my Mom

The best gift that I gave this past Christmas was homemade cupcakes. I gave the homemade cupcakes to my mom. After my mom tasted it,  she had a big smile and said it was the best cupcake she had ever gotten. By giving the cupcakes, it made me feel very happy. It made me happy because the feeling you get after you give someone something is just so amazing and makes you feel very warm inside. The best gift I’ve ever given was cupcakes for my mom.


Melody Quiz Team Problems



         When Melody got to the airport ….

The family found out the team had left them behind. They asked the flight attendant if she saw them leave.

             Dad got mad as a tiger, and

             “BAM!!!” Dad punched the wall.

           “Ouch”!!! Dad yelled like a monkey.

 Mrs. V felt really sorry that the team had left her.

       Melody was bawling like a pig the next day.

The next morning Melody wanted to show up at school

When the team left her it was very hard for Melody.


Screenshot 2015-12-03 at 11.40.34 AM

My Trip to Biloxi Beach Mississippi

We left at 5:00 am and started to travel for 6 hours and we finally got there. So we got checked in to a hotel called South Beach hotel. So we got a cart and rolled our things to our room. We got unpacked and went to Wal-mart and got snacks and meal food for the week. Then when we  got done we went back at the hotel and changed to go swimming in the ocean. After that we went to a few stores and looked. The next day we got up and ate. Then we went to the surf shop and bought boogie boards.Then we went back to the hotel and got ready to swim in the ocean with our boogie boards.After we were done we went to the hotel swimming pool for a couple minutes, then we went back to the ocean to swim again. Next we went to a sea food place on the shore and ate there. I ate fried shrimp with some fresh pineapple. The next morning we got up went to the stores and bought some stuff. Each kid got 20 but I got 30 bucks for working. I bought an air brush hat with my name on it and a sea shell. Then we packed up the car and started going home.