The Wonders of Mexico

In class we learned about some of the things about the country of Mexico like the populations, labeling a map, and researching 10 places to visit or go. Two of the locations had to be in Nayarit. Nayarit is the place our main in character, in our book, is going to live for a little while. For the map portion, we had to research the populations of states in Mexico including Nayarit and Guadalajara. I learned that the capital of Mexico has 22 million, which is more than I thought. I learned from doing the research on the places to visit that there are so many beautiful places. A lot of people think Mexico is in poverty, but a lot of it is really beautiful and amazing. The 2 places I really, that I put on the slides, are Dzibilchaltun in Cenote and Beauru Riveria in Nayarit. I love Dzibilchaltun because of the crystal turquoise water and I am amazed about the depth of the deep end of the pool. It is 144 feet deep, which is really deep. I love Beauru Riveria because of the mini beach in the vertical cave. Its clear blue waters are filled with fresh underground water.

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